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                        DESCRIPTION OF HER WORK

The paintings of Renée Hogeland are figurative. Recurring themes in her work are female figures and travel impressions. She uses mostly bright, warm colours, which she combines with pastel shades. In this way she reaches an unconventional effect.
Sometimes she applies the paint in a thin layer, what makes that the linen shines through the painting, but nevertheless the magnificant colours still impress the viewer.

Renée usually works with acrylic paint on canvas. Energy and movement  is what matters. The speed by which she sketches with paint has become her trademark. 
Large canvases ask for some distance if one wants to see the portrayal well, but close by, one discovers new details and different colours.  

Caïro Street, niet meer beschikbaar 

Hogeland is inspired by the world itself, by everything she sees around her. Her ambition is constant innovation and improvement. She  sees her paintings as an on- going process of development and learning whilst painting. She always observes her paintings in a new way. In her opinion a good figurative painting should also be convincing when it is hung upside down.   

The work of Renée Hogeland always has to do with movement. On a canvas she wants to show action and power. For example, women are always really feminine, elegant and often exotic. They also radiate strength. Her message is that women are beautiful, strong and exciting. The work represents energy and movement, set up in separate lines and displayed in warm, bright colours.   

Besides female figures and travel impressions, Hogeland is also inspired by other themes, including the world of polo horses, jazz, ballet and drama. According to Renée, her work is not really divided into periods. Although the work is mainly figurative, certain phases have more or less abstract elements.   

Renée Hogeland also paints in commission, including portraits.